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>>I concur. Development of freeware plugins faces imminent danger if developers
>>have to pay. And there is more. Even if a developer choses to pay from his
>>pocket, his plugin may uses a third party dll that is not signed! You see the
>>problems? I don't think that use of "signed only plugins" worth it.

During the whole history of The Bat! development there is almost no problems 
with antivirus and macros plugins. The most problematic are anti-spam plugins. 
They are the most frequent source of "access violation" and other exceptions, 
mostly at startup and mail check, and the users are claiming that this is the 
problem of The Bat! For the technical support, it is hard to figure out whether 
the user has a plugin. Implementing digital signatures for anti-spam plugins 
will make obsolete old plugins which are the source of access voiolations and 
"endless loops".

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