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On 1 May 00, at 15:38, Pim Slim wrote
    about "date-time formatting":

> Hoi TBUDL-readers,

Your greeting line (specifically the first word of it) sounds a bit... hmmm... 
eccentric for the Russian ear;-) Or was it intended to sound this way?

>   In my message list the date-time format used in 'created' and 'received'
>   looks like this: 30 apr 2000, 18:19.
>   Is there a way of changing this in e.g. 30-4-00, 18:19 or are these
>   settings fixed?

Unfortunately, there's no way to change it. I'd sure wish there existed some 
way to make it shorter. In particular, the four-digit year format here could be 
sacrificed for something shorter. Moreover, I'd prefer the date-time to be in 
English rather then in Russian it is currently under the Russian version of 
Windows, since I'm much more accustomed to, say, "1 may 2000" then to 
"1 ΝΑΚ 2000". Besides, the latter variant is grammatically wrong (thanks to 
M$;-)), it should have been "1 ΝΑΡ 2000" anyway.

AFAIK, this have been requested in the past, but sofar nothing's changed. 
Maybe in version 2?;-)

SY, Alex
(St.Petersburg, Russia)
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