On 1-5-2000, 21:02:27, Alexander V. Kiselev wrote:

AVK> Your greeting line (specifically the first word of it) sounds a bit... hmmm... 
AVK> eccentric for the Russian ear;-) Or was it intended to sound this way?

Hoi Alexander,

No intention was meant. 'Hoi' simply means 'hi' in Dutch. I hope I didn't
offend you :)

AVK> AFAIK, this have been requested in the past, but sofar nothing's changed. 
AVK> Maybe in version 2?;-)

We'll wait and see. Thanks for your comments.

doeidoei, (= bye bye in Amsterdamian Dutch)
   Pim Slim

  Pim Slim, [EMAIL PROTECTED] on Monday, May 01, 2000  21:22:03
  using The Bat! 1.42 Beta/20 under Windows 98 build 4.10.1998
  on a Pentium 200Mhz with 64 MB RAM

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