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> I do not have Avast, rather Avira. Would your comment
> still apply? Thanks.  

It was just a suggestion, that the apparent MITM attack might be
nothing to worry about. Some anti-virus programs do it like Avast with
an MITM attack, others have a plug-in for the email app and scan the
messages on access after they are received. I don't know what way
Avira does it, if at all. 

After the line about "FETCH - Certificate S/N: 011E8403, algorithm: 
RSA (512 bits), issued from 10/5/2012 10:19:13 PM to 9/30/2032 
10:19:13 PM, for 1 host(s): pop.gmail.com." do you see a line about 
"owner" or "root?"

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