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>> What would you do if someone raided your living room while you were 
>> upstairs sleeping?

>> Treat it the same way.

> If someone raided my living room, I would call the police, then get a
> boom and clean up the mess. What police do I summon for
> man-in-the-middle? Where do I find the mess in this instance.

> Thanks,

Hello Leonard,

My  default  mode for finding any such issues is to run a Malwarebytes
scan  on  the computer.  One of the things I've noticed in The Bat! is
that accessing AOL mail gives a message of an invalid certificate, but
I've   always   ignored   the  message.   However,  for the first time
yesterday, I received  a clearly virus-laden (via a link) email which
claimed to be sent from my AOL account to two other unrelated email
addresses that I own and one other email address of a correspondent
of  mine.  I visited AOL mail online and found that the email had been
sent from my account, so I changed my password at AOL and scanned both
of my computers.  I had no invaders, so I think it is either a hacking
of  my  AOL account or something related to Facebook, since I used the
AOL  address there.  I changed that and will be closely monitoring the
mail   account.    Malwarebytes   free   software   has   solved   any
invader-related  issues I've had from time to time over the years, and
I  download  it  upon getting a new computer so that I am prepared.  I
highly recommend it, and hope it is that simple to solve your issue.


Best regards,
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