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A> Is it possible to selectively encrypt messages such that only certain
A> messages that are sent out are encrypted?  Will any attached files also be 

A> I have a client concerned about privacy and would like to be able to
A> send encrypted messages to the client with attachments.   How does this
A> work?  Can I encrypt only messages to him without encrypting my entire
A> data base?   If I send him an encrypted message, how will he unencrypt
A> the message?   He does not use The Bat. 

A> Can he send encrypted messages to me through his own e-mail client using
A> The Bat encryption technology?      These questions may seem incredibly
A> naive, but I really don't know how this works.  The Help Topics facility
A> talks in terms of having an encrypted database.  But, all I want to do is
A> to encrypt certain messages.  Not all of them.  If they were all
A> encrypted, then anyone I sent messages to would have to have a key to read 
them, correct?

I  hjave  never  uded  it, but the macro %ENCRYPTCOMPLETE should do what you
want.  You just have to program your 'New message' template to tell it which
addressee to use on.

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