> I  have  my  Bat  configured to store all mail on an internal separate
> drive different from the Os.

Same here

> This  drive appears to have issues I want to remove it before checking
> it  out  further  or  replacing it. At the moment it still works and I
> have a full backup.
> If  I change the directory for mail to my OS drive for now - will this
> only  affect  new messages?  In other words if I revert back to my old
> setup  tomorrow  either  with  a  new  harddrive  or convinced that the error
> message  can  be ignored, I would "only" not have today's emails in my
> folder history

Yes you can revert. You can save out any new messages and import them to the 
new location. If you are taking it into the shop,just copy the data folder to 
your OS drive and put it back when you get the drive situation figured out 


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