I wish we could use variables (macros) in the attachments folder setting...... would make life so much easier.

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Hello Maggie,

     I haven't archived in what seems like forever. Is there a
     way to save attachments globally? If not, will I  have to go
     through each and every mail to copy out the attachment? Just
     the thought causes headache.

     Thanks for your ideas.

OK,  I'm going to suggest a couple of things. None is perfect.

1.-  You  can  keep  attachments  in  message  bodies or in a separate
directory. See Help/Account/Properties/Files and directories/Attachments

I  assume your current setting is "In message Bodies", and that if you
now  change  to  "In  a  separate directory" this change will apply to
future messages only, and not to those already in message base.

2.-  You can use a manual filter to extract attachments, I have tested
it and it works. Copy the following filter and paste it in the Sorting
of  your  Account. I created it as a 'Read Filter'.

$$$$ TB! Message Filter $$$$
UID: [55C43EB2.01D27F0F.3F6DB36E.6121BD2A]
Name: ExtAtt
Filter: {\0D\0A\20`21\0D\0A}
ExtractFiles IncrementName AutoPath dir C:\5CDatos\20G\5CAttachments dirRelative %EXEDRIVE%\5CDatos\20G\5CAttachments mask *.jpg

Once  pasted,  you may change the target directory to your desired one
and/or  the  attachments  'mask'.  I  created  this one to extract JPG
attachments.  Is  no  mask  is  indicated,  all  attachments  will  be
extracted, including .html ones.

Then  select a folder in your folder tree and 'Re-filter' it with Read
Filter, but selecting 'Manual filter only'. You will have to re-filter
each  folder,  one  by one. But it is better than selecting message by
message and copying the attachment(s).

Don't  worry  if  it  doesn't  work  at first, the attachments are NOT
deleted  from  the  message  bodies,  just  extracted.  This may be an
inconvenience  if you also want/wanted to delete them from the message

Best regards,

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Current version is 7.1 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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