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> I
> set  the GMAIL account to allow access to insecure
> apps, but I may try
> and set it to OFF again and see if it is vital to
> connectivity. 

That setting is required due to Google trying to subvert one of the 
connection protocols by adding their own proprietary extension that 
almost no mail applications understand.

> As  an aside, I am using an old V 5.8.10 TB!. I am
> quite happy with it
> save for one thing that really bugs me. If I am
> reading a message in a
> pre  view  pane  and  a  new  message  arrives  in 
> that  folder, I am
> immediately  slung  out of it and the message is
> marked read. Does the
> current version have this, to me, annoying trait?

I have never seen that, but I jumped from v4.0.38 to v7.x. I don't 
know if it is a bug in particular versiond, or the result of some 
configuration setting.

There might be a later version you are able to upgrade to on your 
existing licence - check Help | About. The next version above 5.8.10 
that is on Ritlabs's Archived Versions page [0] is 6.0.12.

[0] <https://www.ritlabs.com/en/products/thebat/archive-versions.php>.

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