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TF> Hello Chris,

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TF> Chris Wilson wrote:

>> I am happily running a legacy version of TB! but my message base is
>> now huge. I was wondering if it is possible to somehow split the
>> message base based on date so I keep say the last two year's messages
>> in TB!' directory structure, and store older stuff elsewhere, perhaps
>> on tape or DVD? Thanks

TF> What I do is I "archive" old messages to other folders. For example, I
TF> name a subfolder "2016" and then move all messages from that year into
TF> that subfolder. This keep each folder with a manageable size. (Make
TF> sure you compact the folders in which the messages were stored
TF> previously.)

TF> If you want to store those messages somewhere else, you create a dummy
TF> account called "Archive". Under Account / Properties / Files &
TF> Directories, you to an external drive or a drive in the cloud (nobody
TF> uses tape or DVD any more). This way, you don't need to keep them on
TF> your computer's harddisk.

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Thank you very much Thomas, as always!


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