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IAW> G'day,

IAW> Hope this is OK to post here.

IAW> As you can see, I am using a rather old version of The Bat! I did have
IAW> a discount coupon, however with a few things going on at the moment, I
IAW> put things off until it would appear that the offer has now lapsed.

IAW> Ok, my fault, but one issue was that it was not clear what the amount 
IAW> of the discount was, and then even how to redeem the discount coupon. 
IAW> Also as an upgrade, would it mean the version I currently have would 
IAW> no longer be able to be used, and did I have to install the new 
IAW> version to use the discount coupon or could I have purchased the 
IAW> upgrade using the coupon to then install it later when things were not
IAW> so critical?

IAW> Ah well, never mind, stuff happens. Maybe I'll get another coupon in
IAW> years to come, so any information would be valuable in the off chance
IAW> that an offer comes up again.

IAW> Thanks in advance.

While you wait for the experts, I found that the upgrade is smart
enough to keep all you old info.

It worked like that after my computer crashed.



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