Hello Tbudl,

My friend already downloaded TB! (latest version from Ritlabs website)
on the new computer and asked me to come and move the data from her
old computer. I've done that a couple of time when I bought a new
computer myself.

So, I backed up TB! on her old computer and then started TB! on the
new computer, waiting for "from backup". Alas, TB! did not open.

Instead, I saw a small TB! window asking the "The Bat Master
Password". She swears she never set up a password when she installed
TB!, and she gave me her password for the email server, which is the
only password she knows. It didn't work.

I uninstalled TB!, re-downloaded and installed again, but the same
windows comes up. How do I completely uninstall TB! so that it does
not ask for a Master Password again?

I checked the registry, but the only references to Ritlabs or TheBat I
would find was about software developer name or such, nothing about

Any help is appreciated, as she needs her computer for work tomorrow



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