Hello All,

I am evaluating TheBat for a bit more than a week and, so far, have
mixed feelings. While software certainly has a sheer amount of
user-exposed functions and allows fair amount of adaption for a
particular workflow, there are bugs that make me question QC process
at RitLabs. Concerning the latter, reading "Credits" dialog, company
seems to consist of /approximately/ 5 people:

> Analytics, Testing and Support:
> Alexandr Petrari, Julia Buzmacova, Ecaterina Dubceac.
> Programming (version 8): Maxim Masiutin, Andrei Sliusarenco.

2 developers, 3 in operations. Ok, no panic, please. They've been in
business when some of the fellow members were still attending a high

However, certain issues make me wonder about priorities. Some examples:

0001793: Message corruption if private key is not available for automatic 
0001794: Having space before ">" symbol prevents TheBat from recognizing line 
as the quote
0001795: Signature is stripped after "Decrypt message" action
0001799: TheBat! does not work with GnuPG keychain
0001792: Do not add "(decrypted)" to the subject line

Numbers are from the Mantis tracker. And this is after a week of
usage. I understand that development team (two developers?) are busy
shipping the version 9, but some of the reported bugs might belong to
the "showstopper" category and others, like #1792 or #1794 should be
fairly trivial to fix.

Therefore, my questions are:

1. Is there a model of community engagement and some transparency to
the development process? Mantis looks almost completely abandoned.
Another user responds at https://bt.ritlabs.com/view.php?id=1798#c5381,
"That is a missing feature since many many years" and this passage
receives zero feedback from "Analytics, Testing and Support".

2. Does anyones have a reliable communication channel with the office
in Chisinau?

3. If the answer to the question directly above is "Yes", - have you
been successful in having a chat with mr.Masiutin regarding the

I would _love_ to see TheBat! as the successful MUA and willing to
tolerate its commercial nature, but it implies having reliable support
from the company that stands by their own product. Otherwise, safer
bet would be to go with the OpenSource solutions (Claws, Thunderbird,
etc) where community is active, developers are within the reach and
fixing the bug can be achieved by either helping others or submitting
a pull request by oneself.

Yours truly,

Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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