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> However, certain issues make me wonder about
> priorities. Some examples:


Some issues reported at https://bt.ritlabs.com are attended to
quickly, others go unresolved and/or unacknowledged for months or 
years. Some are resolved without ever being acknowledged.

> 1. Is there a model of community engagement and some
> transparency to
> the development process? 

Developers have been known to red and reply on this list from time to 
time. There is also the TBBETA mailing list. 

Archives at https://www.mail-archive.com/tbbeta@thebat.dutaint.com/ 

> 2. Does anyones have a reliable communication channel
> with the office
> in Chisinau?

I used <administrat...@ritlabs.com> in February 2019 to report a 
blocked login for the forum and the support centre on the ritlabs.com 
website. I sent my email at lunchtime on a Friday and the reply was 
sent on the Tuesday morning from Alexander Petrari.

> Otherwise, safer
> bet would be to go with the OpenSource solutions
> (Claws, Thunderbird,
> etc) where community is active, developers are within
> the reach and
> fixing the bug can be achieved by either helping
> others or submitting
> a pull request by oneself.

Unfortunately, none of the open-source email solutions that I have 
tried hold a candle to The Bat!.

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