The unthinkable happened to my wife's laptop:   sudden death of her SSD.     
Unfortunately, we were blissfully ignorent of the fact that the external backup 
was not backing up at all, and hasn't been for the life of this laptop.

We have sent the SSD to a data recovery service.  That service requires us to 
identify the location of folders and files that we want recovered. 

On her laptop, The Bat likely resides where it does on my laptop: within the 
Program Files folder.  But, the mail folder tree appears elsewhere:   under 

So, what files/folders do we need to recover in order restore all mail on the 
new SSDI?   What file extensions should be looked for?   I have nearly two 
dozen subfolders into which mail is sorted.     

Finally, in order to restore the application what is the file that should be 
recovered?    Is it the .exe file, or the .msi file, or something different?   
I do have the product key, if needed.  The lost application was an early 
iteration of version 8 of The Bat! Pro. 

Note that anything that can be recovered will be transferred to a brand new 
SSD, with no apps on it, other than the operating system.



Avram Sacks, using The Bat! Pro ver. 7.1.18 on Win 7 Pro 

Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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