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M> Hi,

M> Are Roguemoticons still active?

M> I still have the rogues.msl file and the Rogues images folder in place 
M> under Program Files\The Bat!\Images. But I don't see the images any 
M> more in the message header when viewing messages, apart from a few 
M> people for whom I have a photo in an address book entry. 

M> I have not received any email notifications that "Someone new has
M> joined or updated their image on Roguemoticons" since November 2013. I 
M> just tried logging on at http://www.pcwize.com/thebat/ and it told 
M> me:-

M>      Internal Server Error

M>      The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and
M>      was unable to complete your request.

M>      Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the
M>      time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that
M>      may have caused the error.

M>      More information about this error may be available in the server
M>      error log.
M> I also have an incoming message filter called catch_rogue that I 
M> vaguely recall was something to do with picking up Roguemoticons that 
M> were not already on my machine. 

M> $$$$ TB! Message Filter $$$$
M> beginFilter
M> UID: [02B2FF90.01CEE96F.230962BE.141169BB]
M> Name: catch_rogue
M> Filter: {\0D\0A\20`7`X-Rogue`5`.\0D\0A}
M> ExportMessage FmtText filename
M> I:\5CThe\20Bat!\5CProtocol_Logging\5CThe_Bat!_roguesfiltr.log
M> filenamerelative %WDIR%\5CProtocol_Logging\5CThe_Bat!_roguesfiltr.log
M> template
M> IsContinue
M> IsActive
M> IsCheckRule
M> Ignore
M> Hotkey 24658
M> endFilter
M> The file "The_Bat!_roguesfiltr.log" contains mainly entries like- 

M>         07 June 2020 12:44
M>         Error!  has no picture on server. 

M> Is it time, after nearly 16 years, to retire my "X-Rogue" header?

FWIW, the link you posted takes me to the PCWIZE.COM WELCOME screen.

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