Hello Thomas,

On Saturday, May 14, 2022 you wrote:

TFM> Hello Jack,

TFM> On Sat, 14 May 2022 10:27:36 -0500 GMT (14/05/2022, 22:27 +0700 GMT),
TFM> Jack S. LaRosa wrote:

>> If I *forward* a message which contains pictures as attachments, the pictures
>> don't get forwarded. If on the other hand I *redirect* that same message, the
>> pictures are redirected along with the message.

>> Is there an option somewhere or am I just not understanding the difference
>> between the two methods?

TFM> How exactly do you forward? Over here, pictures and other attachments are 

TFM> My settings:

TFM> Account / Properties / Templates / Forward: [ ] Forward as MIME is *not* 

TFM> I use the arrow button to forward rather than the menu item.

My settings appear to be the same as yours. The only difference appears to be
how that last is worded. Mine says "Forward messages as attachments (MIME
standard)" and it was NOT ticked.

I use the "Forward" icon nestled between the "Reply" and "Redirect" icons at the
top of my screen to initiate a "Forward". I'm going to try it with that box
ticked as soon as I find a good specimen to forward.

BTW, your cut mark is missing a space at the end.

Thanks Thomas.

Central Alabama USA

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