T>> So, you guys never felt the need for this ?  With 152 gb I would expect TB 
to be quite slow to open and having proper backups to be a pain?

> I am getting old and forgetful. It suddenly occurred to me that I
> had once asked a similar question here, and as I have kept all
> messages from starting to use TB! I found it for you. See below,
> Thomas Fernandez answered and although based on an earlier TB!
> version his response should still be applicable, I would have thought.

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> On Sat, 27 Apr 2019 15:20:04 +0100 GMT (27-Apr-19, 20:50 +0700 GMT),
> Chris Wilson wrote:

>> I am happily running a legacy version of TB! but my message base is
>> now huge. I was wondering if it is possible to somehow split the
>> message base based on date so I keep say the last two year's messages
>> in TB!' directory structure, and store older stuff elsewhere, perhaps
>> on tape or DVD? Thanks

> What I do is I "archive" old messages to other folders. For example, I
> name a subfolder "2016" and then move all messages from that year into
> that subfolder. This keep each folder with a manageable size. (Make
> sure you compact the folders in which the messages were stored
> previously.)

> If you want to store those messages somewhere else, you create a dummy
> account called "Archive". Under Account / Properties / Files &
> Directories, you to an external drive or a drive in the cloud (nobody
> uses tape or DVD any more). This way, you don't need to keep them on
> your computer's hard disk.

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> Cheers,
> Thomas.

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Hi Chris,

I finally got around to doing this and I am happy to report a successful 
All these older messages are now combined in subfolders under Archive XXX and 
having this Account stored on a separate drive, does indeed reduce the size 
used for
my main OS and any twice-weekly backups.  The size for the TBK complete backup 
file has reduced from 16.2 gb to 5.8 gb.
The benefit of the password protection of the account compared to my original 
idea of just
moving the actual folders somewhere else is that I can now still open the 
archive easily and 
check on something if necessary.   Based on my experience that the minute you 
clear out something, you will need it,
this is quite a nice benefit. The only drawback I found was that moving 
messages was a bit more involved than
using cut/paste of some folders. 

Thanks Chris and Thomas for the suggestion.


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