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T> Hi Chris,

T> I finally got around to doing this and I am happy to report a successful 
T> All these older messages are now combined in subfolders under Archive XXX 
T> having this Account stored on a separate drive, does indeed reduce the size 
used for
T> my main OS and any twice-weekly backups.  The size for the TBK complete 
backup file has reduced from 16.2 gb to 5.8 gb.
T> The benefit of the password protection of the account compared to my 
original idea of just
T> moving the actual folders somewhere else is that I can now still open the 
archive easily and 
T> check on something if necessary.   Based on my experience that the minute 
you clear out something, you will need it,
T> this is quite a nice benefit. The only drawback I found was that moving 
messages was a bit more involved than
T> using cut/paste of some folders. 

T> Thanks Chris and Thomas for the suggestion.

T> Cheers
T> Tom

Glad my finding Thomas' message was useful to you.

What would be a highly useful feature to me would be to have a function where 
you command TB to make a new database mimicking the current ones structure, but 
with all folders showing an Archive and pre date identifier. 

So one would select an account, select a cut off month and year and tell it to 
archive, the result being a separate database created on a destination medium 
of user choice, containing only messages created or received pre whatever month 
and year. The database remaining within TB would then only contain messages 
created or received after the cut off date desired.


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