I have a problem similar to Deborah W "Lost email when installed Win2K" posted on Fri, 
28 Mar 2003 02:20:44 -0800.

I've just installed The Bat! on my W2k (sp3) laptop and am trying to connect to my ISP 
to collect & send mail.

Although I can dial in and successfully connect to my ISP, I get "Could not connect to 
the server" messages on every attempt to collect and/or send mail. (Once connected, I 
can happily surf using MSIE).

As soon as I hit the "Get new mail" or "Send queued mail" I get the error. Looking at 
the dial-up monitor, The Bat! is not attempting to connect with the POP or SMTP 
servers (nothing's being transferred over the phone line), so the problem must be 
somewhere between The Bat! and the modem.

However, the identical Bat! configuration works fine on my wife's PC running Windows 
98. (Using tools/backup and restore, I copied my configuration to her machine).

I'd appreciate some help in trying to sort this out.


Current version is 1.62r | "Using TBUDL" information:

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