I have an intermittent problem sending emails. About 1/3 of the time,
the connection center indicates that the message TEXT was sent, then
hangs for a long time, and finally times out giving a message that the
email was not sent. The other 2/3 of the time, it sends just fine.

I have been using these same email accounts for several years with no
problems at all, and this has started just the last few days. No
settings have been changed.

To add to the mystery, in one case I get an error message from the
recipient server stating that it could not find that address on the
server. The email address was the one I used for that email, but a few
additional characters had been added to the name, and thus it could
not find it. TB said that this message was NOT sent completely,
however. I got, in the connection center, a progress message
indicating that the TEXT was sent, but it does not complete the entire
process, and the email ends up in the outbox. In fact, it seems as
though something was sent, but it was not the right thing.

Any ideas what is happening and how to fix it? Using TB ver 1.62r.

(I tried sending this from TB, but it didn't work. )



Current version is 1.62r | "Using TBUDL" information:

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