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On or about Tuesday, July 08, 2003 at 17:40:18GMT +0200 (which was
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M> Are your spam filter(s) before or after the mailing list filters?
M> It looks like if for some reason you mailing list messages were
M> catched as spam.

The [EMAIL PROTECTED] filters ARE before the list filters, as there are specific
text phrases such as "Ancient Toaist," "throbbing erections" and
"Saundanese Arab Method" (I think you know the specific spam messages
I am talking about!) and the text strings are specific and targeted.

There is also a black-list which is the known source addresses of
these chronic [EMAIL PROTECTED]  What I don't understand is why when I
RE-FILTER the messages, they go where they were _supposed_ to go!

Is there some explanation as to why the filters would work correctly
on the SAME messages, only now from the trash folder?

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