Hello tbudl'ers,

I am experiencing a strange behavior of my filters in one e-mail
account only.  Most or ALL of my mailing list messages are filtered to
TRASH (where my spam messages are sent) instead of their designated
folders specified in filters.  However, if I _RE-filter_ the same
messages in the TRASH folder using Folder->Re-filter->Incoming mail
The messages all magically go to their proper folders!  The spam stays
where it should be and all is right in the world again.

I haven't edited ANY filters in this account for weeks, yet beginning
over the weekend, this behavior started seemingly without any trigger
event.  This one is driving me crazy, as several of these lists
generate 100-150 messages a day each.  The re-filtering works
flawlessly with the exception of ONE list, which I also can't seem to
fathom.  Luckily this list is only 2-4 messages a day!

Any suggestions??

Warmest tropical wishes,

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