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AM> These icons exist only when you open a view folder window and browse
AM> from the view folder window.  So I assume that's what you're doing.
AM> Most will browse using the main windows preview pane.

Yes, that's exactly what I was doing.  I opened a "view folder window" (although 
admittedly I did not know what to refer to it as ... to me, it was just an open 
message.  I'll have to learn the specific terminology that's applicable to The Bat!  I 
do not use the preview pane at all ... part of that probably due to "my  training" not 
to in Outlook/Outlook Express days, I assume.  ;-)


AM> The view folder window doesn't follow the message list that you see in
AM> the main window. The view folder window has its own message list which
AM> is disabled by default. To activate it, go to the 'View' menu and
AM> select 'Message List'. A message list should appear in the window.
AM> It's this message list that you're working with and how it's sorted is
AM> independent of the main windows sorting.

<Thanks.  This worked although I'm not big on having view folders or view panes taking 
up extra real estate of my screen, but ... what they hey!  I can reduce the pane to 
display only two messages.  It worked pretty good.

Thanks for your responses.

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