Hello Lawrence,

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009 10:09:29 -0500 GMT (03/Jun/09, 22:09 +0700 GMT),
Lawrence Johnson wrote:

LJ> The monthly newsletter I receive from my township has some formatting
LJ> problem's in TB! I verified that the HTML displays perfectly in a real
LJ> browser. I also imported the email message into Mozilla Thunderbird
LJ> where it also displayed just fine. I submitted a bug report using the
LJ> link at the RitLabs Web site, but received no acknowledgment and fear
LJ> that my submission may have disappeared down a sinkhole.

Please send the complete URL of the bug report. I'll check it out.

LJ> The HTML is not too large so I can easily forward the email or
LJ> attach the HTML as file to anyone in support who can take a look
LJ> at it.

I'm not sure this list accepts attachments. Please send the mail to me
via the list, and if that doesn't work, by PM.




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