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>> Is  there a way to turn off Address Autocomplete of the
>> To: field? 

> Options | Preferences | Viewer/Editor | Message headers

> select "To:" and press "Edit." On the "Editing" tab, remove whichever
> ticks you wish. The change will also apply to "CC:" and "BCC:" fields.

Thank  you,  just what I was looking for.

Rather than make the address picking process completely manual (which
means opening the Addressbook and selecting the contact), I have
settled for displaying a list of suggestions from the default account
addressbook without autocompleting. It is the autocomplete that trips
me up!

For down-arrow, tab, I was thinking of the autocomplete in browser
(Firefox) fields, where you can select the entry by using the down
arrow to select the entry you want and using TAB to fill the field
with it. Enter there results in submitting a blank form!


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