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>> We working at software for industrial cameras which are supported by the 
>> cameralink standard. We use Wireshark to monitor the control interface. We 
>> have implemented a solution similar like the u3v dissector and uses link 
>> type DLT_USER0.  The cameralink interface is basically a serial interface 
>> like rs232 uart.

>So this is for GenCP over a serial port, rather than GenCP-over-UDP?

I don't know a GenCP-over-UDP - where can I find some information about this?

CamaraLink is f.i. to find in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camera_Link  - at 
the schema you can see the serial to grabber and the serial the camera line.
The original cameralink specification you can download at 
http://www.visiononline.org/vision-standards-details.cfm?id=171&type=6. Without 
registration is it find at many other location 

The GenCP control channel is at the end a bidirectional serial channel like a 
pc uart (electrical are this two LVDS-signal lines). The signal data are 
asynchron serial frames with start, stop and data bit exactly like uart. The 
GenCP frames self are described in 

>> But often exist this only inside the application and not as separate 
>> comport. The using of DLT_USER0 is not so comfortable, because the protocol 
>> at every user is at first to set to cameralink ... Therefore, I'm requesting 
>> a DLT_ value for this.  Please let me know what the proper procedure is for 
>> this or if you have any other questions/concerns.

>So do the packets in such a pcap or pcapng file start with the serial prefix 
>described in section 1.5 "Serial Prefix", followed by the common command data 
>described in section 4.3 "Common Command Data", followed by the specific 
>command data for the command in question (section 1.6 "Serial Postfix" says 
>there's no postfix for serial ports)?

correct. U3V in opposite to cameralink has a different prefix and a different 
endian order.

> (Presumably the same code can be used to dissect the common command data + 
> specific command data for GenCP-over-UDP.)


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