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> BTW I still wonder for the reason why to version configure.

To quote a comment that used to be in configure.ac:

        # XXX - the version is a required argument to AC_INIT and, to quote the
        # autoconf documentation, "The arguments of AC_INIT must be static,
        # i.e., there should not be any shell computation, quotes, or newlines",
        # so we can't get the version from the VERSION file.

so we can't, as indicated, have the configure script get the version argument 
to AC_INIT at run time.

The script used to have a place holder that was removed with

        commit 263e6ca61e072cd8abe82b58e6b3f6539c2cdaaa
        Author: Ali Abdulkadir <autostart....@gmail.com>
        Date:   Wed Oct 4 04:08:18 2017 +0300

            Use a m4 macro to get version string from file

with the place holder inserted in

        commit a130d564ba9c9e82dd4ec5afd85f20c1701c7a0a
        Author: Guy Harris <g...@alum.mit.edu>
        Date:   Tue Oct 3 13:41:35 2017 -0700

            Use a place-holder version in configure.ac, so it doesn't have to 
be updated.

            And add a comment explaining why, and what we'd have to do if we 
            to use the real version in AC_INIT(), including updating three files
            every time a new version comes out.


        commit c2e151358d7bc7c77dddb4ca00770034872cd081
        Author: Guy Harris <g...@alum.mit.edu>
        Date:   Tue Oct 3 00:16:44 2017 -0700

            Don't wire the library name into pcap-config.

            With autotools, set the package name with AC_INIT(), which now 
takes the
            package name and version as arguments, rather than the name of a 
file in
            the source directory.  That sets PACKAGE_NAME.

            With CMake, set PACKAGE_NAME to ${LIBRARY_NAME}.

            In pcap-config.in, use "-l@PACKAGE_NAME@", rather than -lpcap, as 
            library name.

            That means that pcap-config will use -lwpcap, rather than -lpcap, on
            Windows, where the library's name is wpcap rather than just pcap.

required it.

Yes, we could, I guess, revert to the old AC_INIT call, and then arrange to set 

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