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On Oct 17, 2020, at 4:19 PM, Guy Harris <ghar...@sonic.net> wrote:

> Or is there some site that will run kramdown-rfc2629 on a Markdown file and 
> run xml2rfc on the result, along the lines of what xml2rfc.tools.ietf.org 
> does?  I haven't gotten
>       https://xml2rfc.tools.ietf.org/experimental.html#kramdown
> to work - I tried pasting 
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pcapng/pcapng/master/draft-tuexen-opsawg-pcapng.md
>  into the URL box, selecting "Window", and hitting Submit, but it didn't seem 
> to work, it just popped up a blank window.

OK, that appears to go from kramdown-rfc2629 to xml2rfc XML format, but doesn't 
go the rest of the way; they don't appear to have a converter that takes 
kramdown-rfc2629 as input and gives you HTML/text/PDF as output.

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