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> I write this email to request to below 2 link types.
>  1.  MCTP


> MCTP packet is defined in DMTF PMCI working group Management Component 
> Transport Protocol (MCTP) Base 
> Specification(https://www.dmtf.org/sites/default/files/standards/documents/DSP0236_1.3.1.pdf)
>  8.1 MCTP packet fields. It starts with MCTP transport header in Figure 4 - 
> Generic message fields.

So this is for MCTP messages, independent of the physical layer?

Presumably the not-a-multiple-of-8-bits fields in Table 1 go from the 
high-order bits to the low-order bits, so that the upper 4 bits of the first 
byte are the RSVD field and the lower 4 bits of the first byte are the Hdr 

>  1.  PCI_DOE
> PCI Data Object Exchange (DOE) is an industry standard defined by PCI-SIG 
> (https://pcisig.com/) Data Object Exchange (DOE) 
> ECN<https://members.pcisig.com/wg/PCI-SIG/document/14143> 
> (https://members.pcisig.com/wg/PCI-SIG/document/14143).


> PCI Data Object Exchange (DOE) is defined in PCI-SIG Data Object Exchange 
> (DOE) ECN (https://members.pcisig.com/wg/PCI-SIG/document/14143) 6.xx.1 Data 
> Objects. It starts with DOE Data Object Header 1 in Figure 6-x1: DOE Data 
> Object Format.

Unfortunately, I'm not a member of the PCI SIG, so I don't have an account to 
log in to in order to read that document.

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