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> We did a prototype for the SpdmDump tool 
> (https://github.com/jyao1/openspdm/blob/master/Doc/SpdmDump.md). We can 
> generate a PCAP file and parse it offline.
> In our prototype, we use below definition:
> #define LINKTYPE_MCTP      290  // 0x0122
> #define LINKTYPE_PCI_DOE   291  // 0x0123
> If you can assign same number, it will be great.
> If different number is assigned, we will change our implementation 
> accordingly.

Different numbers will definitely be assigned, as 290 is already in use (in 
Wireshark, for example).  (Not everything was updated to reflect that; I've 
fixed that.)

You will probably be assigned 291 for LINKTYPE_MCTP and 292 for 
LINKTYPE_PCI_DOE; you should update your prototype for that for now.

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