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On Jan 24, 2023, at 2:02 PM, Michael Richardson <mcr+i...@sandelman.ca> wrote:

> With this document adoption, we finally have all the PCAP related documents
> in the DT.   One thing that was mentioned to me is that the PCAPNG document
> has an IANA Registry for Block Type Codes.
> The document is going through the WG as Informational, and I think that it
> *can* create registries. (Whereas, had it gone via ISE, it could not)
> I'm not sure if it *should* though, and the recommendation was that we move
> this section from pcapng to pcaplink types.

Which section is that?

> Allocation of the current types can stay in pcapng though.

"Stay in pcapng" as in "stay in the pcapng I-D", or something else?

> Either way, the IANA Considerations need to be adjusted, as they recommend a
> PR on github right now.

Would the new recommendation be a email to the opsawg list?

> I still hate the name PCAP *NG*, and I wish we could call it PCAPv2 instead.

pcap is already up to major version 2, with the current version being 2.4.

If we're going to rename it, perhaps we should rename it to something not 
including "pcap", as you can have a useful "pcapng" file with no "p"s - 
"packets" - in it.

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