The MS-DOS support in libpcap was recently removed in the main branch; the 
comment for the pull request is "MSDOS packet driver interface is no longer 
testable", and the comment for the first commit is "MSDOS packet driver 
interface is no longer testable, anyone needs it can use a previous version".

We've also removed support for older versions of the Linux kernel in recent 

We now also require C99 support by the compiler and library.

Should we also consider removing support for some older UN*X platforms, such as:

        SunOS prior to SunOS 4 - pcap-nit.c; the last such version, SunOS 3.5, 
was released in January 1988

        SunOS 4.x - pcap-snit.c; the last such version, SunOS 4.1.5, was 
released in November 1994

        HP-UX 9 - some code in pcap-dlpi.c;  the last such version, 9.10, was 
released in early-to-mid 1995

        HP-UX 10 prior to 10.20 - some code in pcap-dlpi.c; - the only such 
version, 10.0, was released in 1995

        SINIX - some code in pcap-dlpi.c; - the last release, Reliant UNIX 
5.45, was released some time in the early 2000s (?)

        IRIX - pcap-snoop.c; - the last update was released some time in the 
mid-to-late 2000s (?)

        DEC OSF/1^W^WDigital UNIX^WTru64 UNIX - pcap-pf.c; the last release, 
Tru64 UNIX 5.1B-6, was released in October 2010

(release information from that famously reliable site, Wikipedia:

and some Google searching).

We don't have any buildbots doing tests of those platforms, and I don't know 
when the last test of whether libpcap will compile or work on those platforms 
was done.

However, there may well be people using them - pull request #1203:

was a change to fix libpcap so that it builds on Mac OS X 10.4, the last 
version of which, 10.5.8, was released on August 13, 2009.

So the questions are:

        1) Which of these have a significant user base?

        2) Which of them have a user base willing to provide a buildbot so that 
we check for code rot?

(Note that users in group 1) but not in group 2) are at risk of code rot either 
rendering libpcap unbuildable or making the result of the compile not work 
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