Guy Harris <> wrote:
    > Should we also consider removing support for some older UN*X platforms,
    > such as:


    >   SunOS prior to SunOS 4 - pcap-nit.c; the last such version, SunOS
    > 3.5, was released in January 1988

    >   SunOS 4.x - pcap-snit.c; the last such version, SunOS 4.1.5, was
    > released in November 1994

    >   HP-UX 9 - some code in pcap-dlpi.c; the last such version, 9.10, was
    > released in early-to-mid 1995

    >   HP-UX 10 prior to 10.20 - some code in pcap-dlpi.c; - the only such
    > version, 10.0, was released in 1995

    >   SINIX - some code in pcap-dlpi.c; - the last release, Reliant UNIX
    > 5.45, was released some time in the early 2000s (?)

    >   IRIX - pcap-snoop.c; - the last update was released some time in the
    > mid-to-late 2000s (?)

These are no brainers for me.

    >   DEC OSF/1^W^WDigital UNIX^WTru64 UNIX - pcap-pf.c; the last release,
    > Tru64 UNIX 5.1B-6, was released in October 2010

I think that there is still some Tru64 out there, so let's remove it, but
note that we are open to putting it back.

    > We don't have any buildbots doing tests of those platforms, and I don't
    > know when the last test of whether libpcap will compile or work on
    > those platforms was done.

    > However, there may well be people using them - pull request #1203:


    > was a change to fix libpcap so that it builds on Mac OS X 10.4, the
    > last version of which, 10.5.8, was released on August 13, 2009.

    > So the questions are:

    >   1) Which of these have a significant user base?

I don't think much outside of museums, and they likely are using the
compilers from that era, which are likely not C99.

    >   2) Which of them have a user base willing to provide a buildbot so
    > that we check for code rot?

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