Hello all.

There is a rather old pull request at [1], which was supposed to make
use of the then-unused SIGUSR2, but whilst it was waiting, another pull
request used the signal for another code path.

There is a potential way to manage this kind of contention by
naming the available actions and disassociating them from the available
signals.  For example, let's call the existing SIGINFO/SIGUSR1 action
"print_stats", the existing SIGUSR2 action -- "flush_savefile" and the
action proposed in the pull request -- "rotate_savefile".  Perhaps an
easy action would be "ignore" to do nothing instead of the default
something.  Then these command-line options would allow to associate
the signals with the actions:

[--siginfo=<action>] (on platforms with SIGINFO only)

In this case the following defaults would provide backward

(on platforms with SIGINFO)

(on platforms without SIGINFO)

Then, if tcpdump prints the defaults and the available actions on
--help, it should be straightforward for the user to change the
response as necessary, including the action from the pull request:


1: https://github.com/the-tcpdump-group/tcpdump/pull/570

    Denis Ovsienko
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