Hi All experts,

I am planning to create an ieee 802.11 packet RadioTap parsing
code/library [offlines processing of pcap-ng files. Decoding each and
every field and write it to a .csv file].

Meanwhile, before asking [did my homework] of going through source
code and found the following.

[1] Compared to the Wireshark library, RadioTap library files are NOT
updated in the radiotap-library. so it looks like I have to use/ the
wireshark code
[2] I see RadioTap headers/files/parsing functions have additional
arguments [which are specific to wireshark]. In other words, there is
NO direct way to call RadioTap headers easily to integrate with
libpcap_open_offline and pcap_next.
[3] Is there any easy way to isolate RadioTap files as a separate
library or set of files with NO dependencies on wireshark files [via
[4] do I have to manually go through each function & file and build it
as separate library?

plz let me know the best and easiest approach.

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