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> I am planning to create an ieee 802.11 packet RadioTap parsing
> code/library [offlines processing of pcap-ng files. Decoding each and
> every field and write it to a .csv file].

If that's all you're doing, is there some reason why you don't just use TShark 
and do

        tshark -T fields -E separator=, -E quote=d -e {radiotap field} -e 
{another radiotap field} ...

> Meanwhile, before asking [did my homework] of going through source
> code and found the following.
> [1] Compared to the Wireshark library, RadioTap library files

By "Radiotap library files" do you mean this library:


> are NOT updated in the radiotap-library.

What do you mean by "NOT updated"?  Do you mean that the recent commits haven't 
significantly changed the library?  If so, maybe there's not much that needs 

> [2] I see RadioTap headers/files/parsing functions have additional
> arguments [which are specific to wireshark]. In other words, there is
> NO direct way to call RadioTap headers easily to integrate with
> libpcap_open_offline and pcap_next.

Note that tcpdump has its own code to parse radiotap headers, and that code 
doesn't use the Radiotap library.
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