I have a couple of pcaps that I am trying to generate a cachefile from, but
each time I run tcpprep it errors saying:

$ tcpprep --auto=router --cachefile=example.cache --pcap=example.pcap

reading from file -, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet)

Fatal Error:
poll() timeout... tcpdump seems to be having a problem keeping up
tcpdump: pcap_loop: truncated dump file; tried to read 37383 captured
bytes, only got 94

This is occurring with a number of different pcaps that have been created
using both tcpdump and wireshark.

Is there any additional troubleshooting I can perform to understand what is
happening? Is increasing TCPDUMP_POLL_TIMEOUT likely to help? I tried
exporting this as an environment variable but it appears to have no effect,
how can this be modified at runtime?


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