On 30/11/2016 22:11, Carsten Kunze wrote:
> Brett Lymn <bl...@internode.on.net> wrote:
>> But here we see:
>>>         kbeg=\E[1~
>>>         khome=\E[1~
>> So, we have two keys that map to ESC [1~ so it would depend entirely on
>> how the termcap is processed as to which leaf symbol is assigned to the
>> escape sequence.  Looking at the source, the khome symbol gets assigned
>> first so that gets the key sequence.
>> This looks to be a bug with tmux, it really shouldn't be overlaying key
>> escape sequences - you can't return both.
> tmux on OpenBSD and Linux sets "khome=\E[1~" but kbeg is not set on both 
> systems.  Could it also be an issue of the terminfo DB?

$ infocmp
# Reconstructed from $TERMCAP

I would look into the content of this environment variable.


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