El 2014-05-08 13:20, Marc Espie escribió:
As for portability issues: programs stay with the C locale *in any case*
unless they do setlocale("")   right at the start, in which case they
explicitly say "yes, I want to be localized". So, from that point of view the portability issues are minimal (yes, I'm aware of the can of worms
that threads+locale may open).

xlocale addresses that.

That said, I don't have a general problem with adding other locale categories. I believe LC_TIME would provide a useful testbed for eventually switching all our locales to the localedef format (including LC_CTYPE). Alas, the proposed diff does something else, and unfortunately I don't have enough time for a detailed rabbit hole discussion and review with a lot of back-and-forth that we had when
discussing similar diffs in the past.

THAT on the other hand is the issue at hand... chronic time shortage to be
certain that what we do for locales isn't dangerous...

I would like a little of clarification about "something else" that Stefan is talking about. I have been looking for ways to implement whole xlocale and whole LC_* support that is also part of libc specially to support well spanish . The tables with data of collations, formats for numerical and monetary quantities adn time format for different countries that I have been using are from FreeBSD's, since they are BSD licensed, cover a lot of countries and somehow developed.

So when I have sent more than is immediatly needed is to make easier future implementation of xlocale or other LC_* or to use FreeBSD tables (or what tables do you recommend me to use? are there tables in localedef format and BSD-license compatible available somewhere?) I have not been adding anything to weak security. I understand any change can lead to security problems and I thank and appreciate the time any developer spends auditing. All the suggestions that Stefan has asked me in past, I have implemented (All what I have sent and the suggestions I have received from Stephan and other developers I have included with credit in adJ: https://github.com/pasosdeJesus/adJ/tree/OBSD_CURRENT/arboldes/usr/src ).

The LC_TIME implementation is shorter IMHO than the other LC_* and then faster to audit, so if you want I can try to send very short diffs in separate emails.

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