On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 05:55:55AM -0400, vtamara wrote:
> I would like a little of clarification about "something else" that Stefan is
> talking about. 

In my dream world, I would like a locale implementation that follows
the POSIX standard, supports multibyte characters throughout, avoids
file formats FreeBSD made up in 1995 (POSIX specifies a file format
for localedef that we could use), and uses data provided by unicode.org
as much as possible (e.g. it might be possible to derive all our LC_CTYPE
data from there in some automated fashion to ease maintenance).
> All the suggestions that Stefan has asked me in past, I have implemented
> (All what I have sent and the suggestions I have received from Stephan and
> other developers I have included with credit in adJ:
> https://github.com/pasosdeJesus/adJ/tree/OBSD_CURRENT/arboldes/usr/src ).

It looks like, at this point in time, and maybe forever, there aren't
any developers who are interested in spending their time on driving
OpenBSD's locales into the direction you want to go.

I spent a lot of time on your LC_COLLATE diffs, and unfortunately it
was just you and me without anyone else participating (i.e. there was
a general lack of interest, so we were working in a vacuum, which is bad).
When I realised your proposed LC_COLLATE changes (ported from FreeBSD's
1995 implementation) couldn't support multibyte outside the latin1 range
I gave up because that's too far away from my dream world.

At the moment I have several other things I'd like to work on so I'm
not going to dive into reviewing your diffs because doing so would take
time away from these other things.

Note that there is a gsoc student over at FreeBSD who is digging teeth
into LC_COLLATE. Perhaps you would have more fun and better results
trying to help out there?

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