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On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 08:32:01AM +0530, S.Gopinath SundaraRajan wrote:

I just started using OpenBSD's ospfd.

1. I would like to have a direct Ethernet link
between OpenBSD box and Cisco/Juniper router.

I would like to specify the link type as point to point.

Which configuration directive I have to use ?.
Currently not supported. I looked at this once but it was trickier than
expected (couldn't shake out the last bugs).
There is a workaround though, setup a tunnel (gif(4) or gre(4)) between your Cisco and OpenBSD
and make ospfd listen on this tunnel.
2. I would like to use SHA1/SHA2 Message digest
authentication. Whether ospfd supports this ?.

No. We don't support those but we accept patches.

3. I would like to crypt the authentication keys in the
ospfd.conf file instead of plain text keys. Is it possible ?.

There is no way you can store a shared secret in a config file in an
encrypted form. This is why the config file is only readable by root.
Scrambling it does not increase security so it is not worth the effort.

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