Hi Todd,

Todd C. Miller wrote on Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 10:35:05AM -0600:
> On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 18:32:42 +0200, Ingo Schwarze wrote:

>> So, OK to commit my version?

> OK,

Committed, thanks for checking.

> though that seems like a bug in the crontab parser.

NetBSD has the same code and behaviour.
FreeBSD, DragonFly, illumos don't support -q at all.
Linux doesn't support it (testing only, no code read).
Solaris 11 doesn't support it (testing only, no code read).

Probably, it was a bad idea to implement that feature,
but now may be the wrong time to delete it.

In any case, we seem free to change it.
I'm not opposed to it if somebody considers it a bug and wants to fix it.

But i recommend leaving the stricter language in the manual
because versions exist in the wild requiring the whitespace,
so putting some whitespace there seems like best practice.


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