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Marc Espie:
> It is slightly warped: it says "untrusted comment" because it's outside
> of the signed area and shouldn't be taken at face value, BUT if you have
> the right public key, AND manage to validate the signature with it, then
> it means that it *was* the right key, so in retrospect, you are assured that
> it was the right key.
> So it says exactly what it means "hey, try that key, you can't be sure it's
> the right one, but in retrospect, if it works then you can be sure it WAS
> the right key".
> Of course, it doesn't say so in so many words.  But it is a very accurate
> message.
> So it should stay, 100% of the time.

Yes, you're absolutely right about purpose of this comment.
This patch doesn't stop signify(1) from embedding a comment string
before signature. It just makes it possible to verify signatures even if
there is no 'untrusted comment: ' string in them.

Ivan Markin

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