> Theo de Raadt:
> > You'll break other people's compatility without a thought.
> >
> > You only care about yourself.
> >
> > Yeah, that much is clear.
> Theo, your insults are pointless. But your concerns are not.
> I don't want to break anything. I think that if something is useful
> enough for others one can find a way out without breaking anything.

But you do want to break compatibility.  Your own signify code
will soon generate files that the OpenBSD one cannot parse.

That is why you are trying to push changes into an established
ecosystem, WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION.  Your only justification was
"because I want to do so".

Look Ivan, don't be a child.  Justify your actions and your words.
Explain what you are changing, and why.  Measure the impact.  Don't
wave it away.  Waving away other people's concerns away does not count
as jusification.  It makes you look like an uncaring ass.

If I was kind I would not even reply, because you are being a jerk
only thinking of yourself.

If you cared so much about what signify does and why it is what it
is, you would have invented it first.  But you didn't, did you.

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