Looking at the CVS log one can see that other legacies such as ChangeLog
have already been zapped. NOTES and PROJECTS have seen sporadic minor
updates since import and still list valid topics, but they lack other
long overdue correcttions. For example:

- support for POSIX character class globbing was done in 2009
- EASY and COMPLEX history code got zapped in 2004
- `time' has a -p option since pdksh-5.2.14 from 1999

Documentation is nice but wrong/outdated documentation sucks, so should
NOTES and PROJECTS be further maintained or removed as well?

I prefer keeping them as of now since they're quite informative when
digging deeper into the sources. On the other hand, maintenance requires
history and knowledge of other shells when it comes to differences
between them - I'm clearly out here and cannot judge the amount of work
on that part.

What do you think? Feedback is greatly appreciated.

If NOTES and PROJECTS stay, I'd be happy to remove/update some of the

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