On 04/02/18 17:52, Stuart Henderson wrote:
On 2018/02/04 02:56, Kapetanakis Giannis wrote:
On 04/02/18 01:42, Remi Locherer wrote:

This adds a new feature to ospfd: depend on interface.

If I understand this right, someone could use this combined with pfsync,
to wait for states full sync before switching routes from backup to master?

nice :)


I'm not sure pfsync specifically handles that, but as long as you
make sure the interface is not master at boot (e.g. carpdemote in
hostname.carpX) and sleep and -carpdemote in rc.local, it will have that

Nice thing here is when you combine it with bgpd's demote handling.
That way you can avoid feeding default to OSPF until BGP sessions are up.

I'm not talking about "depend on pfsync"

Since carp waits for pfync demotion counter to become master,
if ospf is waiting for carp (which is waiting for pfsync) then eventually you have the same effect don't you?

You can even use an unused carp interface just for depending on it's status.


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