Hi Gregoire,

Gregoire Jadi wrote on Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 11:44:41AM +0200:
> Ingo Schwarze <schwa...@usta.de> writes:

>> Feedback is welcome both on the general idea and on the specific
>> implementation.

The result of that feeback was "we don't want it, the whole
idea of changing this is pointless and dangerous", so i deleted
my patch quite some time ago.

The conversation resulted in a clarification in the manual page,

> Thank you for working on this.  I have tested your patch
> and both `rm -P` and `rm -Pf` work as expected.

Sorry, it won't be committed, it was definitely rejected.
Besides, it wasn't correct, there were race conditions.
Working on improving it would be a waste of time.


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