On Wed, Jun 06, 2018 at 11:04:56PM +0200, Claudio Jeker wrote:
> The following diff does a few things.
> a) it removes the `announce (all|none|self|default-route)` version
> b) `announce none` is now `export none`
> c) `announce default-route` is now `export default-route`
> d) the examples file is adjusted accordingly and also the network
>    statements are no setting a large-community which is used by the
>    filters.
> e) the filters are split in input and output and to a lesser extent
>    ibgp vs ebgp.
> f) since anounce self is gone the filters will now default deny (which is
>    not a big thing and has the benefit that at start all routes show up in
>    Adj-RIB-In first).

OK job@

I built a release & tested on a few routers.

I like Stuart's suggestion, if the directive "announce all" is made a
no-op in 6.4 (and removed in 6.5), I can produce configs that work on
both 6.3 and 6.4, making the upgrade easier.

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