On Thu, Jun 07, 2018 at 12:14:07PM +0200, Claudio Jeker wrote:
> > It would be helpful during upgrades if it's possible to write some
> > configurations that work the same on both the old and new versions.
> > That way the configuration can be changed to a version which will
> > still work before you get to the point where you can't simply revert
> > to the old config file). I think if the new version would accept
> > but ignore "announce all", that would be enough.
> Yes, I can add a dummy "announce *" handler. In general people should be
> already able to write filters that work before and after the change.
> Happy to add a bit of code to ease the change but it also comes with a
> price that users may not adjust their configs because they don't fail to
> load.

I'd prefer if only "announce all" is allowed as a no-op (but a warning
about the directive's deprecation is printed), for "announce self" and
"announce default-route" just throw an error and refuse to start the

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